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Quarterly scientific journal “Psychology, Special Pedagogy and Social Work” is a scientific publication, the category “C “.

This is an Open Access peer review journal.

ISSN 1857-4432 ONLINE/ ISSN 1857-0224 PRINT

Circulation – 100 copies

Periodicity – quarterly

Original Language – Romanian, open publications in English, French and Russian

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Founder – State Pedagogical University „Ion Creangă” from Chișinău

Quarterly scientific journal “Psychology, Special Pedagogy and Social Work” is a periodic scientific publication in the field, intended to reflect young scientists research results, fundamental and valuable investigations in psychology, pedagogy and social work.

The journal is published quarterly with a circulation of 100 copies, and it is free distributed in national universities and libraries in the country.

The activity of the journal is coordinated by an Editorial Board composed of 15 people, which includes researchers from State Pedagogical University „Ion Creangă” and other higher education academic institutions in the country, as well as Romania, Ukraine and Belarus and Switzerland.

The journal was founded in November 2005 by State Pedagogical University „Ion Creangă” and registered at National Book Chamber of Republic of Moldova.

Legal address: mun. Chisinau, Ion Creangă 1 street, Central Building, of. 52, 59

By judgment of the Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development of the Academy of Sciences and the National Council for Accreditation and Attestation no. 146 of 27.06.2013, “On approval of the evaluation results and classification of scientific journals Profile” quarterly scientific journal “ Psychology, Special Pedagogy and Social Work ” is recognized as a scientific publication, the category “C” profile psychology, pedagogy. From the day of founding the journal and until now appeared 43 numbers.

View Case here: https://ibn.idsi.md/sites/default/files/imag_file/nr_146.pdf

Open Access publications in the journal is supported by international initiatives in Budapest, Berlin and Bethesda. In Republic of Moldova, the state policy in science and innovation is realized under the Code on Science and Innovation of Republic of Moldova, adopted in 2004, which provides guaranteed access to scientific information.

State Pedagogical University „Ion Creangă”, founder of the journal “ Psychology, Special Pedagogy and Social Work ” support Open Access policy and undertakes to provide access to the publications.

The journal “ Psychology, Special Pedagogy and Social Work ” declares Open Access scientific publication, as an alternative to the publication and promotion of scientific results in the university area.

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Creative Commons Attribution LicenseThe Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY) allows users to copy, distribute and transmit an article, adapt the article and make commercial and non-commercial use of the article, as long as the author is properly attributed. Authors grant the MSU a license to publish the article and identify itself as the original publisher. Authors also grant any third party the right to use the article freely as long as its original authors, citation details and publisher are identified.


The journal is reviewed. Editorial board is selected from a database drawn up in advance.

Publication of articles is free of charge. Authors will meet the criteria laid down in the Regulation on the assessment and classification of scientific journals, approved by Decision No CSŞDT ASM. 196 of 18.10.2012 and Guide on doctoral theses perfecting, approved by the Commission for Certification of CNAA, nr. AT03 / 11 dated 23 April 2009.

View Case here: http://www.cnaa.md/files/normative-acts/normative-acts-cnaa/normative-acts-cnaa-attestation/guide_thesis/guide_thesis_2016.pdf