Peer Review Policy


Peer Review Policy PSPSW is the policy established with the aim to publish and circulate quality research articles from various subjects. PSPSW is a peer-reviewed journal with quarterly periodicity. Its review policy is solely objective process with vision to publish good scholarly and set proper and high standard practice of research writing. The process involves editorial board and reviewers who are experts from various subjects.

The review process begins with the manuscript submission by the author:


Initial stage primary evaluation of all manuscripts at the editor’s level to check following:

1.1 Suspicious originality of the subject matter
1.2 Considerable errors as per needs of the subject
1.3 Errors in language in terms of construction, grammar, lack of clarity, etc
1.4 Length of the article, structure and other necessary matters


2.1 The article, if accepted in the stage 1, the same is forwarded to the review.
2.2 PSPSW follows double reviewer method for all subjects.
2.3 The review basically focuses on:- Originality of the matter and academic ethics, discourage references without citation to the original author, structure of the article, statistical details and its requirement in the body of the article, presentation of the data, graphical presentation (if any), addition to the body of the knowledge in the subject, clear conclusion, etc.

Positive reply and recommendation by the referees would forward the article for further processing.

3.1 In case of suggestions and recommendations, the author is communicated the report and after satisfactory revision it is again forwarded to the reviewer for recommendation.
3.2 However, the editor’s decision is the final decision in terms of publication of the article.
3.3 The reviews are selected on the basis of their academic expertise and area of interest of their research.
3.4 The review process is time bound with clear and earnest aim and objective to publish quality articles for the subjects.