Journal Nr.45 (4) 2016


Cojocaru Natalia Psychology of collective protests: preliminary remarks
Листопад А.А. Creation in the system of high professional education
Мардарова И.К. The future pedagogue’s training to the formation of preschooler’s computer literacy
Vinnicenco Elena


The specifics of educational influences in the process of pupil’s development during the age of primary school and puberty
Кононенко Н.В. The nature of systematic of professional and pedagogical  knowledge and conditions of its formation of future pre-school teachers
Ковалева Е А. Personal Triggers Of The Aggression Manifestation In The Educational Activity
Листопад Н.Л Modern informational and educational environment: to the problem of conceptualisation of the phenomenon
Cazacu Daniela The social representation of the family in Moldova: gender differences
Olărescu Valentina,

Bălan Constantin Răzvan

Psychological assistance of the teenager as a victim of school violence
Sergiu Sanduleac,

Tatiana Căpățînă

The influence of leadership communication on school teachers’ job satisfaction
Mihai Covaci

Petru Jelescu

The interdependence between learning styles and and types of intelligence in students of Psychology specialization
Racu Iulia,

Popa Maria

Comparative study of emphathy in adolescents
Синицару Л. Attitude towards extremism in adolescent age