Journal Nr. 46 (1) 2017

Mihai Covaci

Petru Jelescu

Remediation of learning styles and types of intelligence at the students of the faculty of psychology
Калюжка Н.С. Theoretical and methodological bases of formation of innovation competence of future primary school teachers
Листопад А. А. Contents of the concept «creative abilities» as psychology and pedagogical phenomenon
Калинникова Магнуссон Лия Response of parents to inclusive education in societies of economical polarisation
Онищенко Н.П.

Лиховид Е.Р.

Preparation of future teachers for educational work innovation trends in view of modern higher education of ukraine


Цисюань Вей Modern approaches to the evaluation of the activities of educational institutions
Ciobanu Andriana

Ignat Elena

Study self-image in students with restraint in psychic development
Мардарова И.К. The role of teaching practicum in future teachers` training to using computer technologies
Малашевская И.А. Health-promoting approach to the system of musical education of primary school age children
Novak O. Some aspects of information and communication competence formation of future primary school teachers
Лазоренко Татяна Николаевна

Ананьев Антон Михайлович

Role of empathy in psychologists’ work



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