Journal Nr. 42 (1) year 2016


Şleahtiţchi Mihai The XXI-st century and the signs of a big social changes

Jelescu Petru, Elpujan Olga Studying and entrepreneurial skills training to budding psychologists

Şleahtiţchi Mihai Blueprints for an behavioural abnormality treat: savagery&bestiality&bibliomania

Olărescu Valentina, Buguța Elena, Cebotari Stanislav The parental atitude and perception of the juvenile deliquency phenomenon by parents

Frunze Olesea, Lapoşin Emilia The evaluation of psychomotric area for school preparing of blindness children

Verdeş Angela The psychoterapeutical importance of play: methodology to teach   parents play therapy

Losîi Elena The atitude towards work, relational and    communicative features of educators

Stamate Dorina, Perjan Carolina  The parental model influence on coping strategies, self esteem, and locus of control which represents behavioural disorders in adolescents

Trofaila Lidia The adults’ aggressiveness involved in social activities

Stamate Dorina  Ways of psychological improvement of behavioural disorders in adolescents

Şontea Magdalina  Socialization of children with autism

Țăpurin Adriana Experimental  research of creativeness in preschool children

Racu Iulia, Lungu Olivia The study of emotional intelligence in couple

Racu Igor, Boiangiu Carmen The relationship between occupational interests and personality from adolescence: concepts, methods, results


Download HERE: Journal Psychology Special Pedagogy Social Work, Nr-42, year 2016